Buying Policies and Procedures

Puppy price $3500.00

Prior to any breeding both sire and dame will have the following health screening and OFA numbers proving they’re clear no exceptions. I will send you an OFA link of each parent.


Hips-  both parents will have OFA screenings and numbers prior to breeding.  Golden retrievers carry a gene for hip dysplasia and although environment does play a role as well all measures should be done to prevent this crippling disease from any person breeding this breed.
Elbows-  Both parents will have passing elbows with a OFA score and number prior to breeding.
Eyes-  Both Parents will have had OFA eye exams within 12 months of breeding.
HEART-  Both parents will have a heart exam (I make sure mine are done with a board certified cardiologist)   Very import clearance as Goldens carry Subaortic stenosis which is a genetic cardiac disease which can cause sudden death in even a young dog.



  1.  Fill out my puppy inquiry please give me as much information as possible.
  2. Text me that you have filled out the puppy inquiry.   I will text everyone back within 24 hours.   We will then set up a phone interview please have your questions for me ready.
  3. If I decide you are a good fit for a puppy I will send you my deposit contract via email or text which you will sign and send to me along with a deposit of $500.  Both must be done prior to being put on my list.
  4. You will receive a weekly update on the progress of the puppies in the form of pics and or videos.   I will send you via email a packet of papers to help you prepare for your new family addition.
  5. Between 7 and 8 weeks old the puppies will be seen by a veterinarian. They will do a health screening during this visit of puppies stomach to make sure there is proper bowel sounds, listen to hearts for murmurs (very important in Goldens because of Subaortic stenosis), move around limbs to make sure puppies aren’t lame, check bites and inside mouth, look at skin and check testicles for males.   They will also receive the first puppy booster.  I will send you reports for your veterinarian.   Along with my veterinarian’s office contact information for you and your veterinarians records.
  6. On the day of pick up you will need to have a registered name for your puppy’s AKC registration which I will sit down and complete with you on AKCs website.   Puppies will be microchipped with a AKC home again microchip.   You will need to bring the remaining $3000.00 in cash.  I will accept Venmo and Zelle payments with a processing fee for Venmo of $15.00.  Zelle payments must be arranged 48 hours prior to pick up but must clear prior to pick up.   I DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL checks!!!!  Both the buyer and myself will then go over a final contract which will include all the puppies information including the microchip number and total payment information.  Then let the puppy adventure begin.