Sivado’s Naughty With Spice
Sire: GCH My Buddy,s I’ve Had The Time Of My Life “Patrick”
Dam: River’s Lexington Lemonade “Lexee”

Whelped: 12/18/12
Hip Clearance: Fair GR-112755F25F-VPI

Elbow Clearance: GR-EL32911F25-VPI

Eyes Clearance: GR-EYE9009/30F-VPI

Heart Clearance: GR-CA29458/30F-VPI


Vixen or “The Vix” as she is known around here.  Vixen is a Lexee daughter she was born a singleton here at sivados and after being around her you’ll know why she stayed. Vixen has a true leader quality with an affectionate side always stepping up to the plate.

Vixen’s Pedigree link below: